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Помогите пожалуйста с английским!!Respond to the situations with a negative sentence using the words and word combinations in brackets.
Cars are made at this factory, (bicycles)
— But bicycles are not made at this factory.
1. Bread is sold in this shop, (milk)
2. Our house is built of wood, (their house)
3. My books are kept on the shelf. exercise-books )
4. My younger sister is usually given fruit and milk for supper, (my elder brother)
5. Apples are grown in Belarus, (oranges)
6. Glass is made of sand, (paper)
7. My dresses are made by my mother, (jackets)
8. Films are watched by many people, (sports programmes)
9. This apple-tree is planted by me. (that cherry-tree)
10. All the words are always learnt by the pupils. (rules)

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1. But milk is not sold in this shop
2. But 
their house isn't built of wood
3. But my 
exercise-books are not kept on the shelf.
4. But my 
 elder brother is not usually given fruit and milk for supper
5. But  
oranges  are not grown in Belarus
6. But paper is not made of sand
7. But my 
jackets are not made by my mother
8. But 
sports programmes are not watched by many people
9. But 
that cherry-tree  is  not planted by me. 
10. But all the 
rules are not always learnt by the pupils.