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A business trip
(10 marks)
Choose the correct form of the verb to complete this
report, as in the example.
Oxford, Wednesday, 11 September
I (arrived / arrive) here last Sunday after a long flight
from Thailand. I (leaved / left) Bangkok at midday. I
(taked/ took) the bus from Heathrow to Oxford. I
(get / got) to the hotel in time for dinner. I (stay / am
staying) at the Randolph Hotel. On Monday I (am
visiting / visited) a factory in Manchester. I (went /
goed) there by train. Tomorrow am (going / going)
to Cardiff to attend a conference. At the weekend I
(fly / am flying) to Munich for the International.
Computer Fair. Next Tuesday (am seeing / saw) Jack
Thompson who (meet / met) in Tokyo last year at
the Micromac. Trade Fair.

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Arrived, left, took, got, am staying, visited, went, going, am flying, am seeing, met