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Write about your favourite holidays. How do you celebrate it in your family? Желатель напишите что-то про пасху

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Решение задачи от Супер бакалавр (19.2k баллов)

My favourite holiday is Easter.
Easter is the day when Jesus Christ resurrected.
It always comes in one of spring Sundays when all the people are tired of cold winter and waiting for the best changes in their lives.
My parents and I start to prepare on Thursday before Easter ( so called Clean Thursday), when we paint Easter eggs and baking Easter cakes called Paskha. These are the symbols of this religious holiday.
Then the day before Easter comes we go to the Church and listen to the ceremony.
Also we bring with us Easter eggs, Easter cakes, cheese and ham. The priest in the church consecrates all the food. They say that the blessed food have magic power to save us from the evil and even have healing power.

In the morning after the end of the ceremony, we greet each other with the words "Christ is risen!" And the answer always is "Indeed He is risen". We also kiss each other ...And when the ceremony is over, our family goes home for breakfast, to partake of the blessed food.
It's really great holiday when our family together celebrate Jesus Christ ressurection and  the return of springtime and the sun. That's why we love it so much.

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