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1.Complete the sentences using the phrasal verbs below

bring up, put up with, told off, looking forward to, look up, grew up

1) Gran ___ me ___ for making a mess.
2) Jane ___ on a farm. She learned a lot about animals.
3) My dad says he doesn't see why he should ___ our noise all the time.
4) The teacher told us to ___ any words we don't know.
5) Their parents died when they were young. Their grandparents had to ___ them ___
6) I'm really ___ going to university in October.

2.Complate the sentences with the following words: who, which, who's
1) The film ___ he rented for the evening was very funny.
2) Isn't Tom the guy ___ coming to our class next year?
3) I know some people ___ hate horror films.
4) I don't know anyone ___ better at football than you.

3. Complete the sentences using the following modal verbs

can, be able to, must, have to, might, will

1) It's nice to ___ speak to local people.
2) I ___ be sixteen next month.
3) At my school, students ___ wear a uniform.
4) It's great using the internet. You ___ learn a lot of new expressions.
5) We ___ travel to Mars in the next years.

4. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the correct form:
Present simple, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, future simple.

1) People ___ (eat) more fruit in the future.
2) Sue and Mick ___ (go) to the gym recently.
3) They ___ (move) to London in 1995.
4)Many people ___ (work) in the computer industry.
5) We ___ (learn) how to climb since 1st August.

Задача задана от (12 баллов) по предмету Английский язык

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1) give, pen
2) get
5)died, on




4)have to


2)was gone

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Решение задачи от Начинающий (164 баллов)

1.1) give, pen 2) get 3)came 4)learn 5)died, on 6)embrassed  2.1)were 2)out 3)will 4)on  3.1)be 2)was 3)would 4)have to 5)are  4.1)ate 2)was gone 3)moved 4)working 5)learning Желаю удачи

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