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Определите форму и время глагола в следующих предложениях. 1.Peter had to come yesterday. 2.They have already finished their work. 3. It was a great beginning. 4.Bob was at work last week. 5.My friend had been to Leningrad before he came here. 6.The boy gets up and does his morning exercise. 7.I’ll write a letter to my friend. 8.Our students have practical training at various plants. 9.It will be very hot in summer. 10.They did not use these instruments at their laboratory. 11.I like milk.

от (60 баллов) по предмету Английский язык

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1. Past Perfect V3

2/ Present Perfect V3

3/ Past Simple V3

4/ Past Simple V3

5/ Past Perfect Continuous V3/ Past Simple V3

6/  Present Simple V1

7/ Future Simple V1

8/ Present Simple V1

9/ Future Simple V1

10/Past SimpleV3

11/ Present Simple V1