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Zarema  _____ (to know) him for 16 years before they ______ (to get) married.        Mark and Olga  ______ (to chat) for over a month when they ______ (to meet) in the park.        He  _______ (already to build) his house when _____ (to finish) school.        They  ______ (to wait) for her for about 3 hours when at last they _____ ( to see) her near the monument.        By age 10, Oleg ______ (to draw and to create) unusual wooden toys.        Marc Chagall ______ (to live) in Paris for 30 years when his paintings ______ (to exhibit) in Louvre.        Larry ______ (to be) very tired in the evening because he _____ (to help) his wife all day.         Before Zhanelya  _____ (to exhibit) her paintings, she _____ (to work) for 15 years.        They ______ (to sleep) in the afternoon as they _____ (to extinguish) the fire all night.
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