Поставте слово в Present Passive, будь-ласка !!! 1.E-mails ____ (send) and received by...

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Поставте слово в Present Passive, будь-ласка !!! 1.E-mails ____ (send) and received by most Internet users. 2. Information _____ (find) every day 3.Online books _____(read) mosty by abult users 4. This film _____ ( watch) by children 5.These videos_____ (make) by boys

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1.is sent

2.is found

3.are read

4.is watched

5.are made


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The Internet is part of our everyday lives. It helps us a lot: we find information, we send e-mails, we buy things, etc. and it's easy to use. But be careful! There are lots of dangers, like spamming and phishing.
     Spamming is sending unwanted e-mails like advertising material over the Internet to a large number of people. You can get lots of spam even on your fax machine or on your mobile phone as SMS! Junk e-mail is a type of spam. These e-mails try to make you buy things.
      Phishing is a very big problem, because the 'phishers' want to get your personal information, like your bank or credit card numbers so they can use them. Phishers make a fake website that looks exactly like a real website and send it to people. People see it and think that it's from a bank, for example, and fill in their personal information. Phishing is common on social networking websites, like MySpace or Facebook.
So, be careful!